Homemade cured meats (salami, sausages and sopressata)

In the Lucania region (South of Italy), pigs were always considered one of the most important resource for the local families. Each traditional family use to grow up one or two pigs, in order to have cured meats available for the whole year. In particular our village Castelluccio Inferiore is very well knows for its production, tradition and culture.

artisan cured meat with no preservatives addesPig farming is still very important for many families in Castelluccio, where once a year all the family members (also friends) partecipate to the production of all the traditional cured meats (Salame, Sopressata, Capicollo, Prosciutto and other variations).

Our artisan production, named "Sapori di Castelluccio" (which means "taste of Castelluccio") is conceived to respect local family traditions and recipes, only with natural local ingredients, and - worth noticing - with no preservatives added.

homemade sausages, sopressata and italian salumi.


Scopri l'origine della nostra genuinità

Cured meats without preservatives

No nitrites, nitrates or other preservatives addes

Loal meat and natural ingredients only

Homemade taste and flavour

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