• Filetto
  • Soppressata Castelluccese
    Soppressata Castelluccese
  • Soppressata Castelluccese
    Soppressata Castelluccese
  • Capicollo
  • Pancetta Arrotolata
    Pancetta Arrotolata

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Italian homemade cured meats

italian sausages and sopressataOur brand "Sapori di Castelluccio" was born with the objective of carry on the ancient tradition of homemade Italian cured meat (sausages, sopressata, etc.), respecting strict quality standars. Our factory is located in Castelluccio Inferiore, a colorful village in the natural reserve of "Parco Nazionale del Pollino", inspired by regional recipes, history and culture of our territory.

Cured meat factory in Castelluccio Inferiore (Italy)We make traditional Italian cured meat without preservatives, thanks to our production process, the selection of  meats coming from local, big size pigs, grew in Castelluccio Inferiore (Basilicata, South of Italy)  and  fed with natural products. Moreover, in order to have a real artesan flavour and smell, we use spices and herbs of our regional cuisine, as "Peperone di Senise IGP" (a peculiar red pepper based spice), wild fennel and no trace of preservatives.



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  • Soppressata Rossa Dolce
  • Soppressata Castelluccese
  • Guanciale
  • Filetto
  • Salsiccia
  • Pancetta Arrotolata
  • Capicollo
  • U Picciddèt

Cured meats without preservatives

No nitrites, nitrates or other preservatives addes

Loal meat and natural ingredients only

Homemade taste and flavour

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Sapori di Castelluccio - ASID s.r.l.        C.da Pietrasasso 85040 Castelluccio Inferiore (PZ) Italia            Tel/Fax (+39) 0973.662250           info@saporidicastelluccio.com

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